FAQ’s ~ The Perfect Fit Edition

_DSC3940Will my dress be a perfect fit when it comes in?  How do you choose my size?  Do I really need alterations?  Can a dress be taken in/out?  Are you sure that’s my size because that isn’t even close to my every day clothes? How much should I be budgeting?  Who should be doing alterations? These are the most common questions that we answer daily basis.  Keep reading and we will share our wisdom that we have gained with being in the industry.

Will it fit perfectly?

No dress is a perfect fit, there are always little nip/tucks to be made. Mostly the alterations that you can anticipate is a hem and a tuck at the bodice and straps if your gown has them.  Sometimes extra boning or a change to the bra cup padding can be done to give more structure to the bodice of the gown if you are busty or just wish to feel more secure.

How do you choose my size?

When you purchase your gown from Lockhart’s we measure you and compare those measurements to a Standard size chart.  We then discuss the sizing with you and if you are between sizes (as most are) we will help you choose the best option – this usually means we go with the larger of the sizes as it’s always easier to take a dress in than let it out!

Do I really need alterations?

That depends – do you want to feel comfortable to move in your gown without fear of it slipping and sliding around?  Proper tailoring always will make your feel more confident and that will lead you to being able to be more relaxed on your wedding day and to looking flawless in photos.

That’s not my normal size!

If we had a $1 for every time we heard this!   Bridal wear companies do not use the same size charts as most street wear companies. So please don’t be alarmed when your consultant tells you that you will need a size that is 2 to 3 sizes larger than what you normally wear.  It’s just a number ladies! The most important thing is choosing a size that fits your shape.

Then cue the panic!

I gained/Lost wait – now what?  First thing is take a deep breath and know that with choosing a qualified seamstress that they will do everything in their power to make your dress fit perfectly – trust me on this, I know! Thanks Natalie 😉  Most gowns have a small amount of side seam allowance that can be let out with the last resort options of insets or lace up backs being available as well.  Save your self the stress – this is why when choosing a size at ordering time we do recommend sizing up if you are in between sizes as it is always easier to take a dress in than to let it out.

Can any person that sews do the alterations?

Again, the short answer to this is yes.  But…..we don’t recommend that.  You want to choose a seamstress that you feel confident in the quality of their work, one with glowing references behind them & even better if they are a formally “trained” seamstress.  At Lockhart’s we have not one but two seamstresses that we highly recommend.  We trust them impeccably and we know the lengths that they are capable and willing to go to so that you can have your perfect dream dress. Nobility Clothing Designs in Rusagonis (towards Fredericton) and Rose’s Alterations in Moncton are our top picks for your all your alterations needs!

Budget, Budget, Budget

Ahh, this is always a big question.  This will depend on the dress style, the amount of work required and the pricing that each seamstress sets.  At the very minimum you should set aside $250 for non-lace gowns and upwards of $400 for full lace gowns for alterations.    Just a reminder these are ESTIMATED amounts and only the seamstress can give you a fully accurate quote.

Do you have a bridal question that you want answered?  Ask away!