5 Questions You Should Ask Before You Say Yes

say yes to the dress

You’re standing on the pedestal looking into that three-way mirror and you feel your breath catch as you see the emotion on your loved ones faces and you know that you have found your dream gown.  As you feel the words YES on the tip of your tongue ~ There are a few questions that you should ask before you say yes.

How long does it take to order?

While this varies designer to designer and store to store, the typical wait time for a gown is 6 to 9 months with rush options being available that can eliminate a few weeks off the delivery time.  At Lockhart’s getting your wedding date at the beginning of the appointment before we start putting you in the beautiful gowns is so that we can gauge the delivery times for each particular designer.  We would hate for you to try on a dress fall in love and then when you say yes – we say no we can’t get that.

Discount if I say YES to THIS one?

Most bridal salons do offer a discount when a bride purchases the stock sample of the wedding gown.  This discount is anywhere from 5% to 75% and it factors in many things – what season the dress is from, any minor flaws, whether it will require dry cleaning.

What is the sales policy?

Every store will vary. For example ours is All Sales Final.  It is best to get this information BEFORE making any payment.  And that you feel comfortable with these terms.  As they are non-negotiable.

Do you offer payment plans?

At Lockhart’s we offer 2 payment plans.  There is a monthly payment plan or a 50 % down payment with the remainder being due when dress arrives.  Bonus – we do not add interest to the payment plans!

Do you offer any discounts for bridesmaids or accessories?

Most definitely!! We love when we help complete the entire wedding day look from from bride to flowergirl!


Are alterations included?

Some bridal salons include this in the price of the wedding gown.  At Lockharts we do not as we don’t have a seamstress on staff.  However, we do have 2 wonderful seamstresses that we can recommend!

We would love to have you visit us and answer all your burning wedding day look questions that you have! Book Now!