Bridal Appointments – Are They Necessary?

You’ve asked and we’ve answered!  Are bridal appointments really necessary? What do I bring to my appointment?  When should I start shopping?   Plus all of your other burning questions answered! Read on to get all the answers you will need when booking your bridal appointments.


Are Bridal Appointments Necessary?

Yes! We really encourage people to make an appointment even if it just to look at accessories.  At Lockharts we want the focus to be on YOU!  Booking bridal appointments allow us to give you 100% of our focus and it allows us to create an environment where you will be a pampered bride! Book your appointment now – click here

What do I bring to an appointment?

It is best if you bring the type of undergarments that you plan on wearing on your big day.  From strapless bras & bustiers to Spanx.  They are the foundation of your look and can make a huge difference in how you feel in the gowns.

We love when brides bring photos of gowns that have been catching their eye.  BUT The MOST important thing to bring to your bridal appointments is an open mind! Be willing to try on different styles.  Your consultant is here to guide you every step of the way!

Who do I bring to an appointment?

We get it, gown shopping is an exciting and amazing experience.  Because of that you want to include everyone and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling by being left out.  With that being said, it really is best to try and keep the amount of people at your appointment to 3-4 of your most trusted advisers.  With larger crowds it can quickly become overwhelming when a bride is trying to please all of her fans.  At Lockharts we want the bridal appointments to be as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  We welcome you to take photos and video of your appointment to share with those who could not be there.

When should I start shopping?

Ideally the best time to start shopping for your wedding gown is at least a year in advance.  Don’t have that kind of time?  Don’t stress ~ there are options to fit in every time frame ~ from rush delivery to purchasing off the rack.   Put your trust in us and we will help you find a beautiful wedding gown.

Can I shop for bridal & bridesmaid dresses on the same day?

While some brides would like to get it all done in one shot, ideally it really is much easier to have two separate appointments.  One for bridal appointments and another a week or two later for the bridesmaids. Bridal appointments are booked for 90 minute sessions.  At Lockharts we want to ensure that every bride receives the focus that she deserves for her gown search. Aside for you marrying the person of your dreams and pledging to spend the rest of your life loving and walking through life with them, your wedding gown is the second most important part of the day.

How do I know I’ve Found the One?

When trying on gowns it can quickly become overwhelming – simply because what woman doesn’t feel beautiful in these stunning gowns!  Brides can feel overwhelmed by how many they like.  This is where a great consultant will help you narrow it down.  We are trained to listen for clues, if we hear you saying “well I liked this better on the last gown”, then 9 times out of 10 the gown that you are in is not THE one.

When should I stop shopping?

Don’t be scared to buy on your first appointment.  Wedding gowns take 4 to 6 months (sometimes even longer) to arrive at the bridal salon.   With time being one of the biggest factors you also wouldn’t want to lose your dream gown if that style happened to become discontinued. If you love the gown then make it yours! Can’t pay for it all at once – we have payment plans ~ Be sure to ask your consultant about them.  When you purchase your wedding gown it allows you to focus on all the other details of your dream day.  The feel of the event will become much clearer once you have made your gown purchase.

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~ Alicia