What to do With Your Bridesmaids Dress After the Wedding

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Photo Credit – Candace Snowden

You’ve held her hand, wiped her tears, zipped THE dress & fluffed her train. Now what the heck can you do with that bridesmaid dress?  Sure you could shove it in the closet and forget all about it.  A big deciding factors when brides are choosing a bridesmaid dress is whether the girls could potentially re-wear their dress again.  Upcycling is a hot topic right now and we decided to do a little of our own research  on what to do with your bridesmaid dress long after you’ve done your duties.  Let us show you a few of our favorite ways that you can take that bridesmaid dress and make it into something that you can use again and again.

No Sew Options

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Bridesmaid Dress by  The Dessy Group

Not everyone wants to alter a dress to be able to re-wear or maybe they don’t know how to sew.  Here are a few tips for the bride to take note of when choosing a bridesmaid dress that can help their girls with whether or not a bridesmaid dress can be re-worn or upcycled:   Fabric – Silks, sateen twill & lace dresses have a higher chance of a bridesmaid being able to wear it as is.  While Satin & Chiffon dresses could be upcycled for fancier black tie events that your girls will be attending.   Prints & neutral colors are also easier to add into your bridesmaids everyday wardrobe.

Who doesn’t like cute summer dresses!   Short & sweet lace dresses are perfect for that country casual look.  Add a jean jacket & pearl necklace and you have the perfect date night look!

Now I know, not all dresses are short & sweet –  if you don’t want to adjust the length then you can turn your floor length bridesmaid dress into a Maxi Skirt by add a basic T-shirt or tank & you’ll have a super casual look.  Want a more polished evening look – add some sparkle to the t-shirt or tank and top the look off with your favorite fitted blazer.

Options That Require a Sewing Machine

Whether you shorten it above the knee or add a whimsical flare with a high low hem; changing the hemline or adding straps are a quick and relatively easy fix for most dresses.  Adding beads to a plain and simple dress (hello bedazzler – yes they still make them), removing extra fabric and lace trim requires just a snip of the scissors can change the whole look of the dress.

But what about out of the box or dress thinking?  I found this super easy tutorial to make a pretty rose pillow out of a bridesmaid dress.  Fabrics best suited to this are Satin, Sateen Twill or Silk. Click here to check out the tutorial.

Have a child who loves to dress up?  Make it into a pretty pretty princess dress – don’t forget to add a tiara (extra points if you wear it while you sew)

Now, this one is my favorite   – it is so sentimental.  Take your bridesmaid dress and turn it into a baby blanket as a gift for the bride when she has her first child.


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Photo Credit – Playful Moments Photography


There are tons of options out there for repurposing your bridesmaid dresses.  So dust off your sewing machine and dig into any of these DIY projects for those old bridesmaid dresses.  Be sure to tell us which one is your favorite & we would love to see pictures posted of your DIY bridesmaid dress projects.   I’ll be sure to share mine with you later this summer.