Guest Blog by Penny Wolfe of bigdayfoto

This week we have a very special guest blog post from one of our favourite wedding and portrait photographers, Penny Wolfe of the bigdayfoto team and avid blogger herself.

Penny has prepared some wonderful words of wisdom as well as some wonderful examples of bigdayfoto’s bridal images.

Immediately after receiving Alaina’s message asking me to be a guest blogger for Lockhart’s “The Dress in the Window”, I knew exactly what message I wanted to send out to brides everywhere…

I am giving all brides PERMISSION! Permission to feel as beautiful as you truly are on your big day!

We are all full of insecurities and I have lost count of how many brides meet with us and say they don’t like having their picture taken or express some insecurity about their appearance. Believe me…I enjoy my location behind the camera rather than being in front, but on your wedding day, know that you are beautiful. Your groom will shed a tear at your beauty when he sees you for the first time in your wedding dress and all your guests will spend the whole day confirming the beauty he sees in you.

So feel you are beautiful. Know you are beautiful. And let your photos reflect that. Trust your photographer to bring out the best in you. Relax. Be yourself. Express yourself. Own the day. Capture the memories that tell your story.

As a photographer, I would also like to recommend that you strongly consider having a “First Look” moment prior to the ceremony. The images we capture as photographers when you first lay your eyes on one another is genuine, private (aside from me being there with my camera!) and beautiful.


You can take it all in and the photographer is there to capture every moment. Think of how you are feeling at this moment. What a great opportunity to capture this feeling with a quick portrait session with just the two of you. Perhaps you choose the beach, a park, or maybe an urban uptown session. We have the time! The photographs speak for themselves and are moving this concept from a novelty or a trend to the norm.

After these “First Look” sessions, many couples choose to do the bridal party portraits and family portraits as well. There are some clear advantages to this option. First off, after the ceremony, if all the pictures are done, you are free to party with your guests! Secondly, if we do run out of time before the ceremony we can take just 20-30 minutes to get those pictures we missed. Thirdly, we will have more opportunity to take a few images with your guests before the party starts all without tying you up for too long. But don’t think we are done! Quite often we will sneak you out for some sunset shots after you have had some time to spend with your friends and family. It’s your day.


Enjoy it. Be beautiful and take every advantage to get the most out of your day and your photography experience.


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