How To Rock a Veil

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Photo Credit ~Sara Wormell Photography

Just like icing on the cake a veil can complete your wedding day attire.  There is not one other accessory that finishes your wedding day look like a veil does.  If there is one thing that makes a mom & bride cry it’s the veil.  Suddenly it’s not just dress up that you are playing.  It brings a feeling of realness to the moment.  Don’t worry – we have tissues.   But did you ever realize how many styles, lengths, trims even colors there are?  As if finding THE PERFECT gown is not hard enough – then your consultant starts talking about accessories – veils…jewelry….shoes…and all you can think is I just made a huge decision how can I possibly choose accessories too!  Well, I am here today to help you decode veil talk and show you how to rock a veil!



Photo Credit ~ Megan McKinley veil
Photo Credit ~ Megan McKinley

How Long Can You Go!

While the most popular veil length is still the fingertip length veil we are seeing more and more girls choosing a cathedral length veil.   I am a huge fan of the cathedral length – why you ask?  It’s all about the drama!! Your wedding is the perfect time to go out of your comfort zone and shine!  A chapel length or cathedral veil are a photographers dream ~ You will definitely have stunning photos like this photo by Megan McKinley.  One thing to take into consideration when choosing a veil length is the location of your wedding – if you are indoors the sky is the limit for your veil lengths – if you are in an outdoor setting for the wedding you may to choose a fingertip or shorter to keep the veil from flying away.




But My Dress is Not Traditional!

Just because your dress isn’t a traditional bridal gown doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a fabulous veil! A bird cage or fly-away type veil with big volume are perfect options if you have chosen a knee length, tea length or midi length bridal gown.


Volume Isn’t Just for Your Hair!

Another important aspect of the veil to consider is the amount of volume and layers.  Again, your gown is going to set the trend for the thickness & volume of a veil that you will wear.  With so many gowns being “all about that back” you definitely don’t want hide any detail of your gown.  Choosing thin, one layer veils will still allow your wedding guests to see the gorgeous detail of your gown without being overwhelmed by layers and folds of fabric.   If you cringe at the thought of a two layer veil because you don’t want the veil to go over your face ~ Remember there are no rules that say you have to wear the top layer over your face.  A double layer veil looks just as beautiful when hanging down the back.

Low – High ~ Where the Heck do you Wear a Veil?

The location that you clip the veil into your hair will depend on personal preference and your hairstyle.  With high up-do’s you will want to attach the veil at the base of your hairstyle.  If you have chosen a  softer, romantic braid or half up-do it will attach just below the crown of your head.  Birdcages or flyaway veils with a lot of volume look best when placed about an 2 inches above your crown with birdcage veils being set off to one side rather than pinned in the center.   Remember if you have chose a mantilla style veil – think Princess Kate – that the proper positioning is about 2 inches back from your hairline so that the veil frames your beautiful face with the delicate detail of the mantilla style veil.


To the Edge and Back…

Now that we have talked about length & styles what about the edging? Choosing an edging that compliments your gown is key and this is where your consultant is going to be a huge help when guiding you through what will feel like unlimited edge styles.  Here are a few quick rules to keep in mind:

  • If you have a simple, plain chiffon or satin style gown – choose a raw edge, satin/silk edge or a simple stitched edge
  • If your gown has intricate bead work – choose a veil that has a beaded crystal or sequin edge
  • If lace was your choice – choose a lace that is similar to or compliments your gown.  Be careful of lace edges as they can sometimes be overwhelming.


What About Color?

Does it really matter? The simple answer is yes, color absolutely matters. You should try to have a veil that nearly matches the color of your bridal gown.  Sometimes that is difficult with some of the more vintage inspired gown colors we are seeing ~ however our staff will do the research and find you the perfect veil to match your dress.   What if I want to wear my mom’s veil?  If you are planning on wearing your mom’s veil then please be sure to bring it to your gown consultation to try with gowns so that can help you find a style and gown color that will match mom’s veil.