How Not to Be a Bridezilla

We’ve all heard the word Bridezilla before. Whether from watching some of those crazy shows on TV or maybe even experienced it first hand.  Friendships and bonds can be broken over the hurts that can happen when we plan our big days.  We all promised we would never become one ourselves.  Then that magical proposal happened and you can feel the bridezilla coming out of you.  Now you are wondering how to tame the dragon and get back to what this day is really about – marrying your best friend, soul mate and love of your life.   We are going to share some tips on how to make this process a little less crazy.





Time For Planning

How much time do you really need to plan a wedding?  Are you the type of person that thrives on quick deadlines? Or do you need more time to feel at ease with your wedding day plans.  These are the questions that you need to ask yourself when setting your wedding date.   Be sure that you choose a date that you feel confident that you can plan your wedding stress free and not in bridezilla mode in the time frame that you chose.


Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind and rolling with the punches will help you enjoy the wedding planning process more.  We always tell brides the number 1 thing to bring to their wedding gown appointment is an open mind.  Oftentimes the type of gown that you “think” that you like might not look quite the same on your body.  That’s OK because we will find you the perfect gown for you!  Can’t get the flowers you want?   Maybe there is something similar or perhaps choose silk flowers.  Maybe you can’t find that perfect shade for your bridesmaid dresses.  You could put the girls in a neutral color or a complimentary color and then use that shade in the accents & bouquets.  No matter what choice you are having trouble making, as long as you keep an open mind and are willing to be a little flexible there are always options that can be explored.


Ask For Help

I know you want to be able to say that you did it all on your own.  But just like the song by Joe Cocker – A Little Help From My Friends ~ asking your bridesmaids or other friends and family to pitch in can relieve a lot of stress off your shoulders so that you are a little bit more free to enjoy every moment of planning your special day.  Plus it’s a great excuse to grab a couple bottles of wine and some great snacks and spend crafty time with your girls.


Stick to a Reasonable Budget

Currently the average wedding in Canada costs around $30000 (this includes 1/6th of that budget being spent on the honeymoon) Do you have to spend that much?  No.  What about a bigger budget?  Sure.  Just remember to stay in a budget that YOU are comfortable with.  That is something that only you and your fiance can decide.  Be sure that when you go gown shopping to tell your consultant what your budget is so that they can show you dresses that are in your price range.  There is nothing worse than trying on a gown and falling in love and then find out it is way above what you want to spend.



Who doesn’t love a spa day?  Sometimes we just need to mellow and turn off the wedding planning thoughts.  Make your spa days a no wedding zone – no bridezilla’s allowed.  Better yet – make it into a girls day.   Spend time thinking and talking about all the other things in life that are on the back burner.  Your girls will love that you are making time for what’s important in their life too.


mag hood, lockharts wedding
Photo Credit – Mag Hood

What’s it Really About

Remember that while we all want a perfect wedding day – what your focus should really be on is planning a great marriage.  This is one day in the rest of your lives.  There will be mistakes and mess ups but those are the things that you will look back on in years to come and laugh about.  Whether your train of your dress gets slammed in the church door as you walk down the aisle (yes that really happened to me) or the icing starts sliding off your cake  ~  these are the memories that you are working to create.  I don’t know about you but I would rather have real life happen on my wedding day filled with all kinds of memories than a glossy airbrushed version that doesn’t reflect you and your fiance.


No one wants to be a bridezilla – so reach out for help! We are here to help you through all your wedding day decisions.  From finding the perfect gown to helping you choose a preferred vendor – don’t hesitate to contact your consultant. Contact us by clicking here