Royal Inspiration

Now that the dust has settled from the Royal wedding, we are getting a true idea of the trends that will follow here in New Brunswick. Although we all agree that the Duchess of Cambridge was stunning in her wedding gown, we have not seen a huge demand from our brides for that exact style. However, many of our brides are telling us that they have been inspired by the simple elegance of that day.

In response, we are offering a bevy of gowns with gorgeous draping and simple lines that offer the opportunity to personalize with appliques, belts, floral flowers, lace or satin jackets, statement pieces of jewelry, coloured shoes or a show stopping fascinator that we have on hand for you to experiment and play with.

Kate’s bouquet has also been the topic of much discussion. Although it appeared simple and affordable, it does pose some challenges for the bride-to-be in Eastern Canada according to the experts at Goold’s Flowers in Sussex. Created from all white flowers including Lily of the Valley (a symbol of purity and sweetness), Hyacinth, Sweet Williams (a sentimental reference to her prince), and the traditional royal wedding Myrtle; it is actually a very time sensitive piece and consequently expensive little clutch.

Pam Goold tells me that most likely, due to timing, most of the flowers would need to be imported which would result in a several hundred dollar investment. However, Pam rarely says never and did suggest that there are beautiful silk flowers available that would be more cost effective, less prone to wilting and dis-colouring and available all year round. Because the quality of silk flowers has improved dramatically, they are being mixed with live stems more and more often to achieve a desired look.

So those are my thoughts for today. I hope you enjoyed. We look forward to seeing you soon for a “royal” consultation

~ A

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