Top 6 Bridal Gala Tips

We love meeting all our brides at our bridal galas. These bridal galas are the perfect way for the busy bride to take advantage of one stop shopping. Where else will you find photographers, caterers, dj’s & more all under one roof. Afraid that it will be overwhelming? Check out the blog below for our top 6 tips to make the most of the bridal gala.

Create an Wedding Email Address
I know a lot of brides don’t want to constantly be giving out their personal email address because they don’t want to feel hounded by vendors. That is why we recommend creating an email address just for the wedding. It will keep all of your contacts and contracts in one place.

Come Prepared
Organization is really key at these type of events. What are some must bring items? The number one thing that you should have on you at all times is your bridal bible – that big beautiful binder that has all your pinteresting finds and ideas. Other items that you should bring are pens and your cellphone. That way you can snap pics of the gowns that you liked in the show.

12042753_10153664331399136_6995427613448291574_nGo In With A Plan
Do some research on which vendors will be at the show and make a list of which ones you need or want to talk to. That way you can skip anyone that you have already booked and spend a little more time with the vendors that you need. Remember though introduce yourself and then book a follow up consultation with the vendor that way you can focus on the details of your big day.

Communication is Key
This is where the wedding email address will come in handy. The vendor emails will come pouring in and while you might have given your email out to every single vendor at the show – you obviously wont be using them all. But please as a courtesy email them all back even if you are not interested in their services – it will save repeat emails coming in and you won’t hurt their feelings but can save frustration on all sides.12046658_10153664659014136_7862374038868371078_n

Just like our recommendation in last weeks blog, we do highly suggest that you only bring 2 to max 3 people with you – lets call them your A team. This is for a few reasons – not only can the opinions get overwhelming but the booths are not large areas and it is much easier for everyone to move around if groups are kept to your key players – for example your Mom & maid of honor would be great companions for you at the bridal gala.

Once you have mapped out your plan of attack for vendors you can decide how much bridal gala tips of the time frame that you need to be at the bridal gala. If you plan on taking in the fashion show pay attention to the times as the shows tend to be planned for near the end of the event.

Most of all Have Fun & Enjoy the Snacks!!